Perfect application of stainless steel and quartz

The Rolex Replica is the first to introduce 904L stainless steel into the watchmaking field. It is by far the only company in the industry that has applied this material extensively and systematically to the manufacture of cases, crowns and straps. The manufacturing process of 904L steel is quite strict. After the first casting, the metal will be re-dissolved into a vacuum container, and the impurities contained in replica watches it will be cleaned and removed, and the quality can be confirmed by scanning with an electron microscope. Make watches. Therefore, the watch made of 904L steel has a very strong metallic texture and dazzling luster, and also has toughness and wear resistance. The watch with this material is more expensive than the ordinary 306L steel.

The application of quartz technology on clocks has injected new vitality into the Breitling replica watches. The special table for deepwater work developed in 1958--The Breitling Replica watch "Deep Sea" all-steel quartz diving watch can withstand the pressure of 1000 meters fake rolex water depth. The safety factor is 10 times higher than that of the ordinary watch. There is a list for the diver to record the time. To the stop cycle, with the newly developed anti-nitrogen explosion patent, the accumulated nitrogen can be released off-balance under decompression to prevent seawater from penetrating into the watch. The success of the "Deep Sea" series extends the territory of the Breitling replica watches from the air to the underwater.