Ruby has been widely used in the manufacture of the replica omega watches industry

Ruby is a corundum of red color. It is a kind of corundum and its main component is alumina. Red comes from chrome. Natural rubies are rare and therefore precious, but synthetic rubies replica omega gare not too difficult, so industrial rubies are synthetic. The ruby texture is hard and the hardness is only under the diamond.

During the operation of the mechanical movement, because of the high speed and large friction coefficient, the pressure of each shaft to the clamping plate replica watches is very large, and the rotating shaft pressure and the friction damage caused by the high speed make the ordinary movement difficult to bear. Until 1700, a Swiss and two French found that the rubbed as a bearing on the watch can greatly reduce friction and damage, and also significantly improve the life of the movement. Since then, ruby has been widely used in the manufacture of the fake watches industry.